There are many types of fishing in Perth Western Australia including deep sea fishing charters, beach fishing, kayak fishing, net fishing for bait etc.


Book the BIGGEST safest most comfortable deep sea fishing charter boats in Perth Western Australia for the best night or day Indian Ocean fishing trips out of Hillarys Boat Harbour. ​ To catch big deep-sea fish with a rod reel and bait provided, book online now with Mills Charter.

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Photos below were mostly taken of fishing near Perth WA.Learn More

Many of the Perth fishing photos above were photographed during a Mills deep sea fishing charter out of Hillarys Boat Harbour in Perth’s north western suburbs.


Good recreational fishing is to be experienced all along the long Indian Ocean, Western Australian coast including at good fishing spots near Perth. The reasons why fishing is good in Perth Western Australia are because:
1. Western Australian government fish stocks conservation laws with strict enforcement of fishing seasons and legal quantities of fish.
2. Closing demersal fishing season dates in Perth to allow fish stocks, to breed for the next opening of Perth’s fishing season.
3. Social engineering of ocean users to care for the Indian Ocean environment, keep to fish quota/bag limits and the common practice of catch and release fishing by many fishers, even if they haven’t reached their bag limit, to help preserve fish stocks.
4. Fish conservation laws such as no access to commercial fishing for demersal in the Indian Ocean near Perth. The Western Australian government saw the benefit of reserving the demersal fishery near Perth for recreational fishing and a boost for tourist sports fishing.

Whether you’re beach fishing or deep sea fishing on the edge of the Western Australian continental shelf with Mills deep sea fishing charters, fish for in-season fish, keep an eye out for weather forecasts and ocean conditions such as wind direction and ocean swells. Go fishing in Perth when conditions are good.