To understand fishing in Perth Western Australia, it is important to understand Perth's environment, including the effect of weather conditions.

What fish?

What fish to go for depends on:

  1. Where in Perth you're fishing, eg on the edge of the continental shelf of Australia with Mills deep sea fishing charters, or up the Swan River.
  2. Water temperature. While Indian Ocean surface water temperature only varies by a few degrees from coldest to warmest in a year, fish move accordingly. Fish like herring are about in warm water months January to April while snapper and skippy come up to warmer shallow waters July to December. Pelagic fish such as tuna are in Perth waters in the warmest Indian Ocean month of February.

    Indian Ocean Monthly Surface Temperature Perth
    Indian Ocean Monthly Maximum/Minimum Surface Temperature Chart Perth
  3. Diving into the water with a mask to see what fish are there is a good way to start fishing for the right fish with the right gear.

Where are good fishing spots in Perth?

Again it depends of what the fishing season is. For example, Cockburn sound and deep ocean fishing is good for snapper fishing in winter. North mole can be good for the salmon run in April, while most Perth beaches including Rottnest Island are good for herring in warm water months January to April.

Check our fishing spots map for places to go fishing near Perth.

When is it good to go fishing in Perth?

Fishing is good all year round in Perth but as always it's good to plan fishing Perth wide according to Perth weather forecasts. That means if you're planning Perth beach fishing, an offshore easterly wind is best. If you're fishing the Indian Ocean from a small boat checking weather conditions is important for safe boating. That's also the case with going deep sea fishing in Perth on a big charter boat but they are safer than small boats. Plus they have the advantage of experienced crews.

When is the demersal fishing season closed dates Perth?

The Perth demersal fishing season close dates are 15 October to 15 December. Maps below from the WA Department of Fisheries show areas closed to demersal fishing.

demersal fish fishing season Perth
demersal fish fishing season Perth

Demersal fishing season in Cockburn Sound is closed a bit longer:

Cockburn sound snapper fishing closed dates.
Cockburn sound snapper fishing closed dates.


What is a demersal fish?

Demersal fish are usually bottom-feeding fish with significant spikes. They have less fish oil than pelagic fish. Common examples of demersal fish in Perth are pink snapper and dhufish.

Which is the best deep sea fishing charter in Perth

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