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Fishing Charters

The best deep sea fishing charter boat companies in Perth take fishers out huge distances from shore in big, safe, recreational fishing charter boats with their:

  1. helpful hospitable crew,
  2. good onboard meals,
  3. your cleaned by the sports fishing crew, take-home catch which is likely worth more than the investment in your fishing trip,
    all makes for the best day (or night) fishing trip out of Perth into the pristine Indian Ocean. You gotta do it!
Deep sea pink snapper fishing Perth
Mills Charters deep sea pink snapper fishing Perth

New fishing Perth website about deep sea fishing in Perth Western Australia.

Deep Sea Fishing Boat Charter Perth go fishing for big deep-sea fish from a big charter boat out of Hillarys Boat Harbour, Perth Western Australia.

Dhufishing near Perth
Go Dhufishing near Perth with

Fishing Travel

Sometimes fishing without catching fish can still be enjoyable fishing in Western Australia experience. We travelled from Perth to go fishing in the Great Southern Ocean near Walpole and saw this family fishing party soaking up the sun while fishing from a dock at a beautiful Western Australian fishing spot.

Dock fishing, Nornalup Inlet near Walpole Western Australia
Dock fishing, Nornalup Inlet near Walpole Western Australia

Google fishing spots map worldwide. All clients get free linked pins on the Google fishing spots map of the world.

International or interstate Australian boat transport WA in a 20ft or 40ft shipping container.

Boat shipping container transport Perth Western Australia
Boat shipping container transport Perth Western Australia.

If you need your fishing boat loaded into a shipping container hire a mobile crane in Perth from Ashburton Crane Hire.

Big or small fishing boat crane lifting service Perth
Big or small boat crane lifting service Perth

Hotel Perth. Search for places for fishers to stay when fishing in Perth Western Australia

Accommodation near beach hotels near fishing destinations world wide.

Check the Google map of Bali before going on a fishing trip out of Kuta Beach.

Beach fishing Scarborough Beach a fishing spot with nearby bars and restaurants. Scarborough Beach is one of the best beaches in Perth.

Most who love the sport of fishing love other sports so if you’re coming to Perth to also watch an event at the new Optus Perth Stadium find a hotel near Perth Stadium here.

My favourite type of fishing in Perth during the warmer Indian Ocean water months is sail trolling with a lure out the back of a yacht. Sailing Perth waters is a popular recreational activity in Perth. I used to do a lot of sail trolling in and outside the lagoon while fishing Aitutaki Cook Islands for good fishing in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.

If you are flying to Perth for a fishing trip via Perth, you can buy a good cheap used car in Perth before travelling to your Western Australian fishing spot instead of hiring a car.

Perth Sport

Sports fishing Perth wide extends from the Swan River in the Swan Valley, from the Sunset Coast to crabbing in Peel Inlet Mandurah, to fishing at Rottnest Island.

Surfing Perth beach and reef breaks is a popular sporting activity in Perth WA. There is friction between surfers and fishers when fishers burley water near where surfers are surfing. If you’re like me who likes surfing and fishing near Perth, you’ll keep a good distance between fishers and surfers if putting burley into the ocean.

Surfing Perth waves, Trigg Point a popular surfing and fishing spot at the “Blue Hole”

Perth Western Australia

The following are some of our Perth WA links that fishermen and fisher-women might be interested in. For example, a lot of Perth builders and property developers Perth love fishing at Rottnest Island. The latter in usually luxury big fishing boats. Fishers wanting to live and go fishing from Perth’s Sunset Coast can start by getting a property valuation on Perth homes before buying a new home in Perth. When buying a property it’s important that you get the roof in Perth checked out. Whether buying or selling property in Perth it is important to get a licensed property settlement agent in Perth.

We went fishing at Rottnest Island in 2020. We cycled to the West End of Rottnest Island and looked down on Fish Hook Bay to see a school of teaming fish glistening as they turned in the sun. I had a small telescopic fishing rod and a small old fishing reel with 9 lb line strapped to the crossbar of my bike using a bit of rubber inner tube. We climbed down the cliff and with a Chup Chup lolly pop stick as a lure. The first cast caught a big fat herring and then every other cast after that till we reached our bag limit in quick time.

Searching for a cheap hotel in Perth then think of sharing a hotel suite with a fishing group of friends.

VR videos for sports fishing video production.

Perth Restaurants for feeding fisher after a long day out fishing.

Web Designer Perth for fishing website designs.

Computer training Perth. Professional development for business entrepreneurs managing fishing businesses.

Professional Services Perth

Professional fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Even recreational fishing can cause injury such as falling off rocks or getting a fishing hook stuck in your body. If you need a doctor in Perth click this link.

Fishing company offices in Perth WA need proper and secure IT systems. We recommend FSA Technology for the best IT support services in Perth and Western Australia wide. Their other offices in major cities of Australia will care for your fishing partners’ IT systems Australia wide.

If your dentures are hurting when you chew because of trapped food, consider dental implants in Perth by experienced professional dentists Perth wide.

A website about Perth Western Australia including the latest Perth news.

Financial Planning Perth is essential to get your investments in Perth right and your succession planning done right.

Get your home loan in Perth ( or any other type of loan in Perth such as a loan to buy a boat) before you see a REAP listed, trusted, professional real estate agent in Perth. For commercial real estate dealings, you might be interested in engaging a lawyer in Perth.

Perth Architects for the design of custom built homes in Perth.

Boat insurance Perth is worth consideration if you value your boat.

There’s nothing worse than coming back to your fishing boat harbour in Perth with a bag of fish to find your car won’t start. Travelling mobile mechanics Perth wide will come to your rescue.

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